Sunday, January 1, 2012


These so-called leaders with their undying love for money
Are not only draining our economy of its milk & honey
But are also reducing our rich and fertile lands
To mere crumbs of fruitless sands

See how they change and treat our constitutions like prostitutes
In order to suite their self-fish pursuits
And without regard for the people’s need
Their corrupt deeds breeds greed

Now all over the world ours is a sad story
Because they’ve chosen to celebrate and compensate vain glory
Indeed it’s really painful to know that they derive pleasure
From looting all that we truly treasure

Therefore time is ripe enough for an inspirational revolution
And rather than just complaining I will become a solution
By empowering many people through my intellectual capacity and capability
Despite being deprived of enabling platforms to showcase my patriotic responsibility

Quote to Ponder
“A leader’s personality and authority are greatly diminished when he fails to realize that the main reason why he is a person of authority is because he was called upon and authorized by his people not only to lead but also to serve them.”- D.C

Don Chuckie (d don of wise words)
Author of The Raindrops of True Wisdom 
Copyright 2012


  1. Great write-up Don Chuckie.
    Hope to meet & congratulate you in person soon.

  2. Sir wole the pleasure is all mine and i really appreciate the encouragement.Hope to meet you as well.