Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The concept of removing fuel subsidy without a sustainable remedy such as designing and implementing a master blueprint for either the establishment of new refineries or the refurbishment of old ones to the extent that they are able to successfully operate and produce at maximum capacity; is like having a leaking bucket that each time you pour water into it, water spurts out all the holes causing a lot of wastage. You can keep adding more and more water to the bucket, or you can patch up the holes.

Clearly patching up the holes or even acquiring another bucket makes much better sense as a lasting and directional solution.

In other words, our so-called leaders will most certainly create a delightful experience for us by either patching up our old national buckets (refineries) or providing us with new ones. Given that eventually, water will fill all the buckets in our possession until we begin to experience an overflow… But this just my own opinion, please let me know yours.

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