Sunday, October 21, 2012


In this dream i had, i stood before the awesome presence of my glorious Father who was universally renowned and recognized as the greatest baker of all time. And HE said to me; "My son, I brought you into this world, breathed the very best of my knowledge into you, gave you my unique qualities,and ensured that you were up to par with my great skills. Also, after revealing all my secrets to you, I went ahead and made you the foreman in-charge of all my earthly possessions. But yet, all you seem to ever want is just a piece of cake, even when my desire is that you at least own a portion of my bakery. I mean how can you have access to croissants, muffins, all kinds of breads, pies and pastries, and just want a piece of cake? My son, please i need you to understand that in my own bakery, everyday is a feast and a buffet for everyone who works for me. Therefore, i bestowed so much upon you so that you can fully take charge and serve yourself! serve yourself!! serve yourself!!! serve your"...Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!! the cock crows at dawn, and i realize that it was just a dream, or was it a revelation?

Point to Ponder
Try to fully understand the genesis of the ground upon which you stand, so that you can really expand.

Verse to Consider
Genesis 1:28

Don Chuckie
Author of The Raindrops of True Wisdom
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  1. Nice, just ask for the Holy Spirit to Guide on what the message was. I like blogs that involve the Power of God. Thanks and keep up the Good work

    1. @religious beliefs, thanks so much for dropping your very thoughtful comment here, i really do appreciate it and am certain that the Holy Spirit will remain my guard and guide on the subject-matter.