Sunday, August 5, 2012


In THE RAINDROPS OF TRUE WISDOM, Don Chuckie shares his first collection of inspirational poetry intended to help internalize and personalize the wisdom of God's word, ultimately making life more meaningful, rekindling the spirit, and providing a reason to continue with a faithful journey.

Nigerian native Don Chuckie offers seventeen insightful poems filled with contemplative nuggets of true wisdom and spiritual quotes that direct the way through the daily challenges of Christian living and encourages a higher level of intimacy with God. Divided into two parts, Chuckie's collection of Christian lyrical expressions includes points to ponder and Biblical passages to consider; it also provides significant life lessons and ways to discover the simple truth about ourselves. You'll learn how to seek solace from above, be more honest about weaknesses, turn to God to heal, and find mercy for past mistakes through God's grace.

The profound insight and spiritual guidance included in THE RAINDROPS OF TRUE WISDOM will uplift your soul, stretch your faith, and most importantly, help deepen your relationship with God...

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