Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Dearest Alpha & Omega,

I remember clearly, that when i decided to make You my closest friend, You promised  that against all odds You'll surely lead me to the desired end.

Therefore, may i remind You that it is way past the eleventh hour and You are yet to demonstrate Your power by sending down Your glory to change my story. In-fact, this year is almost reaching its full circle without me receiving a life changing miracle.

However, because i know that You are truly the Most High, and not a man that You should lie; am still hopeful that just before the year completes its final phase,Your amazing grace will surely put a worthy smile upon my face.

So in advance and without regard for either the present circumstance(s) or the challenge(s) am currently going through , i thank You for Your never ending plans to help me break through.

Yours In Waiting,
Don Chuckie

Quote to Ponder
"Lord please give me the audacity to withstand adversity up to the point where am able to access the opportunity that will help me create my prosperity". - D.C

Verse to Consider
Isaiah 40:31

Don Chuckie(d don of wise words)
Author of The Raindrops of Wisdom
Copyright 2011

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