Thursday, November 10, 2011


I remember vividly when alongside public announcement you were born “into the ‘90s”. I mean, how can I possibly forget those days when my boring teenage life suddenly became exciting the moment I discovered how to “Bump ‘n’ grind”

As a matter of fact, it got to the extent that in junior high school, I was considered a ladies man because I was always seen in the midst of them whether or not their body was calling. However, I never failed to uphold a “religious love” with my favorite girl-because obviously “she got the vibe”.

Well looking into my life then and now, it wouldn’t be hard to tell that; that was a long time ago because now, my life belongs to Jesus.

But truthfully, I still believe that you can fly, because when I think of you, i strongly perceive a highly gifted individual that can partake in the restoration of peace to the world.

Yet again, why is that now that your storm is over and whole world has accepted you as the “The greatest R in R & B”, it is still not clear whether you are an angel or a snake. For example; why is it that sometimes you sing spiritually with your tongue and other times you “thoi-tong”? Personally speaking, I think it is this split personality part of your life that gets both men and women fed up, because even though “You remind me of something”, I just don’t know what it is.

Although, I truly do understand that all you want do is make “Happy People” by showing them how to move, groove and “step in the name of love”. But I also strongly feel that the time for you to choose the Christ kind of life over the “fiesta” kind of life is now. And rather than keep believing in a “Ghetto Religion”, why don’t you fully dedicate your creative ideas to the Author of creativity..

In addition, I would like to reveal to you that the day you realized that “prayer changes” everything and thus made the “trade in your life” by “asking heaven for a hug” the Holy spirit answered your inner voice that said “I wish” and not only did “He save you” He also “touched your dream” by inspiring you deeply in other to spread God’s uncompromising word through your very rare creative depth.

Finally, here is the low down of the “down low” and trust me everybody has to know. Stop being a “Bad Man” and a “flirt” in a “Gotham city” (God dammed city) and surrender your all” to God by becoming a full time gospel Artist – for you are still the best in this category. I know this might be a very difficult task, especially after testing so much “honey love” by getting "freaky in the clubs", but all you need to do is to win the souls of your fans for heavens sake by truly giving your own soul to God. Do this and you’ll receive a supernatural award that all the Grammy put together (those past and those yet to come) cannot be compared to it. Do this and you shall receive God’s love and approval to be called an architect of heaven – very few men posses this award.

Your #1 Fan,
Don Chuckie(d don of wise words)
Author of The Raindrops of True Wisdom

Copyright 2010

For you to really be happy is for you not to only thank God is Friday but also to thank Him for every other day and surrender all to Him. Just try to take a leap of faith and look inwards so that you can stop being trapped in a closet seems like you ready.

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