Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm a rare enterprise
Adorning the corridors of our creator's paradise
Capture any glimpse of my shine
And be eager to see His majesty divine.
In all corners of His glorious household
I'm a faithful vision to behold

I'm also a distinctive work of art
Well crafted to bring forth light from any dark part
As well as to grow fullness from emptiness
And because my existence glorifies His everlasting presence of excellence
I'm not only His tool for honor
But also a vendor of His splendor

And even His angels know that like the morning dew
My beauty is always born anew
To compliment His ceaseless creations so pure and so true
In other words, am as indicator of hope and heaven too
A close companion and a special agent of the Master
Who in the genesis of time made us as we are

Surely I'm the aroma of Christ our Savior
A sweet smelling fragrance of God's grace
And a fabulous flavor of His divine favor
Therefore, soaked daily in the purity and holiness of His blood
And rooted in the power of His body and word
I'm a fruitful tree flourishing heavenwards.

By Don Chuckie(d don of wise words)
Author of The Raindrops of True wisdom

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